A great little school.

The Great Little School at Broadway Presbyterian Church provides a warm, friendly, experience-rich environment. Children of every race, religion, ethnic and economic background are welcomed. We value the richness and diversity of our school community.

Our teaching follows the Developmental Interaction / whole child approach, with an emphasis on rich, hands-on experiences and time to reflect and represent those experiences through language and physical means. Play is at the heart of the curriculum, and children are given many forums for play – materials for pretend play, blocks, building manipulatives, sensory experiences such as sand, water and clay, art materials, science investigations. Highly trained, experienced teachers assess children’s understandings and facilitate their play to deepen and expand learning. Materials are rotated to build on children’s prior knowledge. While letters and numbers are present in the classroom, we resist the skills-based model. Instead, we provide children with rich emergent literacy experiences (literature, rhyming, story dictation and story acting) and numeracy experiences (counting games, blocks, graphs of food tasting experiences). 

Our curriculum has depth (themes may last several months or even the whole year) and touches children’s lives and interests. Teachers pay careful attention to this process, which builds an experience that makes sense to the child, and gives the child a sense of mastery. For more information, please visit our website, www.greatlittleschool.com